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2017年 7月 3日 (月) 11:38:19 JST





日時: 2017年7月8日(土)

場所: 政策研究大学院大学 4階 会議室4B


講演者: 齊藤有希子氏 (経済産業研究所)

題目: Supply Chain Disruptions: Evidence from the Great East Japan Earthquake

概要: Exploiting the exogenous and regional nature of the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, this paper provides a systematic quantification of the role of input-output linkages as a mechanism for the propagation and amplification of shocks. We document that the disruption caused by the earthquake and its aftermaths propagated upstream and downstream supply chains, affecting the direct and indirect suppliers and customers of disaster-stricken firms. We then use our empirical findings to obtain an estimate for the overall macroeconomic impact of the shock by taking these propagation effects into account. We find that the propagation of the shock over input-output linkages can account for a 1.2 percentage point decline in Japan's gross output in the year following the earthquake. We interpret these findings in the context of a general equilibrium model that takes the firm-to-firm linkages into account explicitly.


講演者: 齋藤久光氏 (北海道大学)

題目: 集積の経済・生産性と品質改善

概要: Analysis of the urban agglomeration of economic activity has focused on its benefits for firm productivity. But the marginal-cost savings which agglomeration brings about also free up inputs that can be used to produce higher-quality goods, with their own profitability potential. We use plant-product-level data from Japanese manufacturing to examine agglomeration's influences on product quality. Results confirm that quality does grow with region size, suggesting polices aimed at encouraging urban agglomeration improve competitiveness by raising product quality as well as productivity. Total factor productivity alone, therefore, underestimates agglomeration benefits by ignoring the quality incentives that accompany it.

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