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2018年 1月 25日 (木) 11:39:42 JST

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日時: 2018年2月3日(土)

場所: 政策研究大学院大学 4階 会議室4B


講演者: 川田恵介氏 (東京大学)

題目: Measuring occupational-level mismatch in Japanese Labor Market:
Matching function based approach

概要: This paper estimates the degree of mismatch in recent Japanese
Labor market. We here focus on the occupational-level mismatch as a
gap between the real and optimal number of job seekers in each
occupation. Following a flexible approach proposed by Sahin, et., al.
(2014), our estimation results show the serious mismatch; the number
of new employment is decreased 5〜6 % on average. The paper
additionally proposes a new method to evaluate the mismatch of each
combination of occupations. Our estimators show the mismatch in a desk
work is larger than in other occupations.


講演者: 杉田洋一氏 (一橋大学)

題目: Wage Markdowns and FDI Liberalization

概要: This paper examines how liberalization of inward foreign direct
investment (FDI) affects firm's monopsonic power over the wage. We
estimate firm-level “wage markdown,” the gap between the wage and the
marginal revenue of labor (MRL), from firm-level production data of
China. Our estimation framework assumes no specific micro-foundation
or functional form about firm-level labor supply curves and jointly
estimates firm's market power in the output market. We estimate the
causal effect of FDI liberalization on wage markdowns, using
variations in China’s regulation on FDI inflow upon its accession to
the World Trade Organization in 2001. In contrast to the conventional
wisdom, FDI liberalization widened the average wage markdown by 4.3%.
We show the finding is consistent with a modern theory of labor
monopsony based on search friction.

Nobuhiro Hosoe, Ph. D.
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