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2017年 1月 24日 (火) 09:32:44 JST





日時: 2017年1月28日(土)

場所: 政策研究大学院大学 4階 会議室4B


講演者: 小川光氏 (東京大学)

題目: Ad Valorem Capital Tax Competition

概要: Studies of tax competition have found that using a unit tax is
commitment-robust for governments, while we observe ad valorem taxes
on capital in practice. This study presents a model that explains the
emergence of ad valorem capital tax competition, incorporating an
elastic supply of capital in the standard tax competition model.
Specifically, it shows that if the elasticity of capital supply is
positive, governments adopt the ad valorem tax method and thereby ad
valorem tax competition prevails. On the other hand, under a fixed
capital supply (i.e., zero elasticity of capital supply), countries
compete in unit taxes.


講演者: 古沢泰治氏 (一橋大学)

題目: Global Sourcing and Production Networks (with Keiko Ito, Tomohiko
Inui, and Heiwai Tang)

概要: This paper studies the spatial and sectoral patterns of firms'
global sourcing, and how offshoring changes firms' domestic production
networks. We develop a variant of the global sourcing model by Antras,
Fort, and Tintelnot (2016) to consider multiple input sectors that
differ in relationship-specificity to buyers' production and
endogenously-determined communication costs as part of the trade
costs. The model predicts that firms tend to outsource generic inputs
with low input specificity. In addition to the direct effect of
offshoring that causes less productive domestic sellers substituted
with more productive ones, there is indirect productivity effect that
induces firms to restructure their domestic supplier networks. We then
use production network data for 4.5 million buyer-seller links in
Japan and a firm-level instrument for offshoring to examine the main
theoretical predictions. We find that while experiencing an increase
in sales, import starters drop their larger and more distant domestic
suppliers on the net. They are also more likely to add suppliers from
relationship-specific sectors. As a result, the average distance
between import starters and their domestic suppliers declines after
offshoring, suggesting that offshoring can be a cause of industry

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