[arsc-ml 121] Small International Workshop on Advanced Choice Modelling のご案内 (3月6日・東工大)

Daisuke Fukuda fukuda @ plan.cv.titech.ac.jp
2017年 2月 17日 (金) 15:29:25 JST


翌3月6日に首記のミニ国際WSを東工大で開催致します.参加をご希望される方は,2月28日までに,福田(fukuda @ plan.cv.titech.ac.jp)までご連絡頂けますと幸いです.参加費は無料です.

WSタイトル:Small International Workshop on Advanced Choice Modelling


場所:東京工業大学 創造プロジェクト館 1F 大会議室

(1) Yukihiro Kidokoro (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Japan)
  “A micro foundation for discrete choice models with multiple
categories of goods”

(2) Matthieu de Lapparent (EPFL, Switzerland)
  “Structural modelling of sales and prices in the 2014 new car market
in France”

(3) Toshiyuki Yamamoto (Nagoya University, Japan)
  “Application of vehicle holding & usage model for evaluating
autonomous vehicle sharing system”

(4) Liu Zhiyuan (Southeast University, China)
   Willingness to board- A novel concept for modelling queuing up passengers

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